Welcome to Med-IQ’s Online Risk & Patient Safety Education Program

Coverys is proud to offer an exclusive array of continuing education opportunities to our policyholders.

These high-quality patient safety and risk management courses are brought to you by Med-IQ, a Coverys Company, to complement the services you receive through Coverys Risk Management.

If you have any questions about the complete package of services available to you as a policyholder, please contact Coverys Risk Management at 800-225-6168 option 9.

If you have trouble logging into this system, please contact Med-IQ Support or 888-315-4356 and mention that you are a Coverys policyholder.

We hope you enjoy this learning opportunity.

ELM Exchange is now Med-IQ

ELM Exchange, our risk management education partner, is now part of Med-IQ. While the education program they’re providing has not changed, you may notice their new name and branding, along with some improvements to their site design. The education content and site functionality remains the same. Please click Continue below to access your risk education program.